A new soybean variety certified in 2020 with outstanding productivity.
ES Liberator
Outstanding protein content, semi-determinate, very early soybeans - can be harvested without accelerating ripening, and can also be grown successfully in the northern part of the country!
ES Generator
One of the new varieties of the medium-ripening group with outstanding productivity.

Isterra Central-Europe Ltd. 

Isterra has been breeding, processing and distributing the seeds of winter wheat, winter barley, winter triticale and durum wheat for more than 10 years in Hungary. Our aim is to make Hungarian farmers familiar with the varieties bred by the French company Florimond Desprez and to breed new cereal varieties adapted to the climatic conditions of the Central European region with the contribution of local experts.

Isterra catalog spring 2024
Isterra catalog spring 2024
Seed production
Seed production
Florimond Desprez
Florimond Desprez
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ISTERRA breeding activities

The Isterra team has been producing cereal seeds in Hungary since 2003. Our seed portfolio includes spring and autumn wheat, barley and triticale as well as durum wheat, together with grain sorghum and soybean as the newest additions.

Our breeding centre is located in Füzesabony. Our varieties are tested at 14 other locations in the region. Our parent company, Florimond Desprez, is a family business with a strong focus on continuous innovation: the company invests a significant part of its turnover, almost 15%, in research and development. One of our most important breeding objectives is to produce varieties adapted to the climatic and soil conditions of the Central European region as best as possible.

Our most important breeding goals:

  • Excellent productivity
  • High yield stability
  • A product range covering all sowing and harvesting options in the growing season
  • Increased resistance to the most common fungal diseases


In an arrangement quite unique among foreign seed companies operating in Hungary, we control the entire product path from breeding through testing, trials, production and processing, up to the point where the seed product is eventually sold. Please refer to our website for the descriptions of our technologies and results, where you will also find details regarding the whole process.

The seeds we distribute - be it wheat, barley, durum wheat or triticale - are all of outstanding quality. Premium seed dressing and sophisticated packaging add further value to our products. Our diverse portfolio provides solutions for intensive farming systems and farmers growing crops under all kinds of conditions.


Our seeds are sold by our trading and integrator partners. Our main partner is KITE Zrt., the exclusive distributor of our most popular, award-winning products (the winter wheat varieties Basilio, Cellule, Frenetic or the winter barley variety Leopard).

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